MasterCraft XStar

Progression Perfected

Every wakeboard boat on the water gets compared to the X-Star.  Our new 2017 MasterCraft X-Star is no exception.  In the first few months of its existence several handfuls of tricks that had never been done behind any boat were accomplished: from double flips to 1080's, the impossible quickly became possible.  A boat designed for nothing other than being the best wakeboard boat in the world.  Aside from a world class wake the interior is spacious enough for everyone to spread out and enjoy the show.  

The X-Star wake is great for beginners and pros alike.  It has a trim tab to make the wake perfect at slower speeds for kids and beginners or we can add up to 3000 pounds of wake building ballast if you prefer.  One thing is certain, no matter what your skill level you will fall in love with this boat.  Our X-Star is also equipped with the Gen 2 Surf Package for all of you that want to catch the endless wave.  And since Travis works with MasterCraft, his boats always have a little custom flare that is sure to make your jaw drop.

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MasterCraft ProStar

Timelessly Radical

Our 2017 MasterCraft ProStar is untouchable in the world of waterskiing.  With coveted super-flat competition wakes, powerful holeshots, and precision handling the ProStar is the perfect boat to pull you through either of our slalom courses.  We also use this boat quite a bit for kids and beginners to teach them the fundamentals of wakeboarding.  The wake is significantly smaller than our X-Star and can be a real confidence booster for those just starting out.

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The Boarding School

Everything a rider needs to hit the water.


Equipment from top manufacturer's including Ronix and Jet Pilot

At The Boarding School, we carry nothing but the best equipment available and all of it is free to use and demo during your stay.  You are always welcome to bring your own gear, but if not, just show up with your boardshorts (maybe a toothbrush too if you're staying overnight) and we'll provide the rest!


Performance Ski & Surf

All of the gear listed below is provided to us by one of the greatest wake shops in the U.S.  If you enjoy riding any of the below boards or boots while staying at the boarding school, please check them out at their new store in Orlando or visit them online at


Ronix Wakeboards

At The Boarding School, we carry a full line of 2013 Ronix Wakeboards in a variety of different sizes to suit any rider.  Some of the biggest names in the industry have pro models with Ronix including Parks Bonifay, Danny Harf, Dean Smith, and Adam Errington.  Here is a list of the boards you can ride during your stay at TBS along with their sizes: One Modello (134 / 138 / 142 /146), Code 22 (135 / 139 / 143), Bill (135 / 140), William (140), Parks Modello (139), District (134 / 138 / 143), Vault (128 / 134 / 139 / 144), Phoenix Project-S (137 / 142), Viva (140 / 144), El Von Videl Schnook (141 / 146), Vision (120).


Ronix Boots

Ronix’s double last process has allowed them to create some amazing fitting boots.  Ever heard your buddies say “these feel like marshmallows on my feet!”  Yep, they were probably wearing Ronix boots. And guess what, we have all the “marshmallows” you want at TBS.  Here are the models and sizes of Ronix boots free to use at TBS: One-Black Edition (6-7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 13-14), Parks-Orange (9 / 10 / 11), Frank-Banana (8-9 / 10 / 11), District (5-8.5 / 7.5-11.5 / 10.5-14.5), Vision Boys Boot.


Ronix Wakeskates

Reed Hansen, one of the best and most innovative wakeskaters riding today has helped Ronix develop a line of wakeskates that suits every ability level.  Here at the boarding school, you can ride Reed’s pro model called the Boomstick in a size 42” or the Ronix Hover in a size 40”.


Ronix Wakesurfers

Ride an Endless Wave

Want to take it easy and get barreled behind the never ending waves created by our MasterCraft X-Star?  Not a problem at all as we offer an assortment of wakesurf boards for use at The Boarding School including the Ronix Parks Thruster 4’7” and Ronix Duke Longboard.


Ropes & Handles

Your Connection to the Boat

You can’t wakeboard without a rope and handle, so we thought it might be a good idea to have a few of those lying around TBS as well.  Handles these days are more comfortable than ever and we offer several models from Ronix to use during your stay.  For connecting you to the boat, we offer the Ronix R8 coated mainline and for keeping your hands comfy, we have the Ronix North w/T-Handle and Ronix Phoenix handle available.


Vests & Wetsuits

Comfortable flawless performance

Jet Pilot has been making some of the best neoprene products for over 25 years and has specifically been involved in the wakeboarding industry for over 15 years.  Their knowledge of the watersports industry and love of innovation has allowed them to create some of the most comfortable life vests and wetsuits you can buy.  So if you are too warm-blooded to “skin it” in the dead of winter down here in sunny Florida, then we have a whole line of wetsuits to warm you up.  And no matter what the weather is like, we always wear a life vest at TBS!  We offer every size of the Jet Pilot Murray Neo USCG vest as well as every size of Jet Pilot long sleeve top, shortie, spring suit, and full suit.