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The Boarding School

about us

We started The Boarding School 18 years ago with one goal in mind, to combine fun and progression on the water.  Here at TBS we take a laid back approach to learning to insure not only will you learn more than you thought possible, but also have the time of your life doing it.  We realize that this is more than just some time on the water, but it is also your vacation.  So we try to optimize the experience from start to finish, and put personalization in at every chance we can.  We are a multi time winner of the WSIA Best Camp/School Award, and continually try to improve our programs, house, and property to make sure we are always exceeding your expectations.


THE lakes

The Boarding School is located on 88 acres of private land, which consists of three man made lakes ideal for riding, skiing, and surfing.


The lakes are completely private and highly protected by trees.  There is never another boat operating on the lakes, so you are guaranteed incredible conditions no matter the weather.  The consistency of the conditions is truly unbelievable.  Both Lakes 1 and 2 have slalom courses on them.  Lake 1 faces North/South, Lake 2 faces East/West, and Lake 3 is Northwest/Southeast.  So we have glass calm conditions on several of the lakes at all times.  Check out our daily stories on Instagram and Facebook and see for yourself.


Our club house and private apartment is located at the end of the Lake 1, so you stay just footsteps away from the greatest watersports playground ever created.


our boats

We exclusively use MasterCraft boats here at The Boarding School.  We swap them out several times a year, so we always have the latest and greatest MasterCraft has to offer.  We currently have a 2023 MasterCraft X-Star and ProStar. 


The X-Star is MasterCraft’s flagship wakeboard boat.  The X-Star serves up the best wake in the industry.  With the FastFill Ballast System we can put up to 4100 pounds of ballast in the boat to provide the biggest wake in the industry, but it is also incredibly user friendly for beginners when left unweighted.  It is definitely the ultimate tool to help you learn anything on your wish list while here at The Boarding School.


If wakesurfing is your passion, the X-Star also provides a wave like no other.  Equipped with the Gen2 Surf System and Switchback Ballast Tank, no matter what side wave you like, you are always going to be surfing the wave of your dreams.


The ProStar has remained unmatched for over 50 years now.  Put simply, the ProStar is the highest performing inboard ski boat ever created.  It is the perfect boat to guide you through both of our pristine slalom courses.  We also use the boat quite a bit to teach kids and beginners the fundamentals of wakeboarding.  The wake is significantly smaller, and can be a real confidence booster for those just starting out.


If you would like to find out more about these incredible boat, or the rest of the MasterCraft lineup, please check out

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