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Travis was born and raised in Georgia.  He completed his education at The University of Alabama and moved to Florida to enjoy the warm water.  He has spent the majority of his life in and behind the boat.  That time has earned him national and world titles, as well as the respect of the top athletes in the sport as a coach and driver.  He has worked with many of the sport's top riders, skiers, and coaches for the majority of his life.  He is the only person to ever be the instructional editor for both Wakeboarding and WaterSki magazine.  If you've ever been to a professional wakeboarding event, you have more than likely seen Travis sitting behind the wheel.  He drove most every professional event, including the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, National and World Championships, The King of Wake Series, and    X-Games for over 15 years.  Travis is also very instrumental in the research and development of MasterCraft boats.  When not sitting in the boat, he is spending time with his wife Kristin, and his two little girls, Ella and Lennon.  He loves to spend time working on or around his house where he can really let his OCD shine.  He is also a huge college football fan and a terrible golfer.  He loves playing with all of his animals, especially his Italian Greyhound, Ozzie. 




Thomas originally came as a student to The Boarding School when he was just 10 years old.  Fast forward another 10 years and we are now lucky enough to have him here as a coach.  Thomas grew up riding in Indiana, but eventually moved to Orlando to pursue his dream.  Aside from his insane riding skills, what makes him a perfect fit as a coach here, is his contagious personality.  If you follow Thomas on Instagram and TikTok it’s apparent that he brings fun to every situation.  And, unless you live under a rock, you know him to be the only person to ever land a triple flip behind the boat on a wakeboard.  He has an incredible work ethic no matter what he’s doing. He proves that each and every day he is here at The Boarding School.  When he is not riding behind the boat or coaching here with us, you can find Thomas playing shirtless guitar all while wearing only the finest gas station sunglasses. He loves soaking in an ice bath or doing some other form of active recovery to get right back out on the water.


Surrogate Pet/Team Mascot/Motivational Guru

Ozzie is originally from a small town in South Georgia, but at the age of just 8 weeks knew that he needed to head south to The Boarding School.  The intensity of his passion for the boat is only paralleled by his bad breath.  He will always be here to help ease the pain of missing your dog at home, and to remind you that he needs to be loved and catered to almost constantly.  Ozzie has been featured in many MasterCraft photoshoots and videos, but somehow has not let the fame go to his incredibly small and long head.  He keeps his focus on maintaining each and every guest’s happiness throughout your stay here at The Boarding School.  Word of warning, we have had quite a few guests over the years leave and get an Italian Greyhound of their own.  Also, if you are not vigilant he will steal food right out of your hand.

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