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What is a typical day like at The Boarding School?

Most guests begin their day with breakfast, a bit of stretching and catching up on any personal things they may need to do.  After breakfast digests and the morning chat is over, we are on the water a little before 9:00 a.m.  We typically ride/ski twice (15-25 minute sets) before lunch depending on their mood.  We generally break for an hour or so during lunch and then head back out on the water for the remainder of the afternoon.  We do a maximum of three sets per day.  We have this policy in place to help you budget your time and energy throughout the week.  We want to guide you so you are sure to get the most from your trip to the Boarding School.  Our goal is to have you learning things right up until the last set you take on Friday.

The majority of your time here at The Boarding School will be spent with two coaches on the boat, with the staff rotating driving and coaching responsibilities throughout the day. We have assembled and groomed the best coaching staff in the business.  Travis will be here any week you book, working with several of our other amazing coaches.  We have worked incredibly hard over the past 17 years to build our team of coaches and hone our program to make sure you walk away learning more than you thought possible.  We are constantly refining and creating training techniques that will create as little frustration and as few falls as possible.  We take a very personal approach to our coaching, connecting with each guest on an individual basis to ensure you receive the most from your time with us.

We work to give you as much time on the water as you like and instill a greater overall knowledge of the sport.  Whether it's how to more easily put on your bindings, roll up a rope with no knots, weighting the boat or how to drive a world class double up, or a better pull through the course, we want you to know how to do it.  Our main goal is for you to leave our camp with a greater understanding of the sport, ability to progress when you return home as well as to pass this knowledge on to others.  One thing is for certain, from the coaching to the equipment, everything at The Boarding School is the best available!

Typical Day
When should I arrive/depart?

We handle the transportation if you arrive and depart within our stated times, otherwise it's up to you. (Sunday 4-8pm, Friday before 6PM)  If you are not doing a full week, you should try to arrive/depart during those same times on the day before you are to start riding and the day you finish riding.  A three day minimum is required to receive our complimentary shuttle service.

How many sets a day do we ride?

You ride/ski a maximum of three sets per day.  Our wake or surf sets are a maximum of 25 minutes each, and ski sets are 8 passes.

Do you do private lessons?

This is a question we get asked all the time.  The answer is not really.  We can, but we feel it's more fun and motivational to have others in the boat while you ride.  Not to mention, you can learn almost as much riding in the boat, as you do behind it.

What's the food situation?

We will have the house stocked with food when you arrive.  If there is anything you would like that we don't already have, just ask. If you would like to send a list ahead of time, we can take care of your food requests before you arrive.  We provide all the food.  You prepare what you want, when you want. 

What should I bring?

My standard answer is that you could show up with a pair of board shorts and a toothbrush and be fine.  We have boards, skis, boots, life jackets, wetsuits, ropes, helmets, and towels.  And, the house is completely set up.  You don't need to worry about sheets or basic toiletries.  Simply bring the personal items you would like to have on your trip.

Am I good enough?

Our average student is between 25-45 at a beginner level.  Never worry about not being good enough to come.  It's actually great to come in the early stages of your riding or skiing before you have developed a ton of bad habits.  We gladly accept all levels and ages at The Boarding School.

How many people will be there?

We can accommodate up to 16 people, but usually take between 5-8 people per week.

Who will be coaching?

The best coaches in the world!  Travis Moye, Freddie Winter,  and Scott Stewart.  We usually have two coaches a day at the camp.  One thing is matter who you get in the boat, they are one of the best in the business.

When is the deposit/balance due?

The deposit is due in order to book and hold your spot, and the balance is due upon arrival.  All paperwork and balances must be settled before your first ride.

What are the hours of operation?

We are always on the water by 9am and off by 6pm.

What times of year are you open?

We run year round.

Is there a minimum length of stay?

No, you can ride/ski for as little as a single set.  But, we generally require a three day minimum to stay in the clubhouse.

Am I too old/young to come to The Boarding School?

We gladly accept all ages at The Boarding School.  However, we generally do not take guests under 15 to stay in the clubhouse unless an adult accompanies them.  All ages are welcome for instruction though.

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